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student loan

If you are a student and you want to borrow money, the student loan offers a solution. Via student loan you borrow a certain amount every month at a very low interest rate. This makes it easier for students to make ends meet during their studies. Many people wonder if you can also borrow from student loan after your studies, for example to bridge the period to a permanent job. Borrowing from student loan after your studies, is that possible?

How long does student loan to borrow?

How long does student loan to borrow?

As a student you are entitled to a maximum of 4 years of student finance. But if you take longer to complete your studies, you can then continue to borrow for another 3 years. In total you can borrow for 7 years at student loan, on the condition that you study in all these years.

Keep in mind that you will have to repay the loan over time. And despite the low interest rates that student loan offers, this quickly increases to a large amount. So lend wisely!

Example: Imagine you are studying for 6 years. The first four years of your studies you borrow 200 euros per month. If your student grant stops, you increase this to 500 euros. You then borrow a total of 21,600 euros. You must repay this within 15 years. You therefore repay 120 euros a month, excluding interest. This is therefore almost 1,500 euros per year.

Tip! On the student loan website you can see how much you can borrow and what the total data is!

student loan graduate

student loan graduate

Many people wonder whether you can also borrow from student loan after your studies, for example to bridge the period to a permanent job. Unfortunately that is not possible. Once you have graduated, you can no longer borrow from student loan. This is only possible if you are registered at an educational institution and you therefore pay tuition fees. After your studies you will be deregistered and the option to borrow from student loan will also stop.

Borrowing after study – Alternative

Borrowing after study - Alternative

Do you want to borrow money during or after your studies and can you no longer go to student loan? Then you will have to go to a bank or lender. That is a shame, because the interest they charge is generally a bit higher than the interest that student loan charges.

However, you can also save quite a bit if you borrow from a bank or lender. The trick is to choose a loan from a reliable provider, with the lowest interest rates and best conditions. So comparing well is very important!

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