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In Russia at the moment there are over 2 thousand financial organizations. Next, you will learn about the best MFIs in which you can apply for a loan.

The best loans online are provided at minimum rates and without any problems. Problems are the lack of additional checks, ringing, plus a guarantee of confidentiality of personal data.

Proven MFIs offer borrowers loyal terms of cooperation and guarantee the highest level of service. They can resolve any issues arising in the course of cooperation, such organizations usually willingly meet when there are difficulties with the return of funds.

There is an official rating of microloans, by which you can find out which organization works as transparently and honestly as possible. To be included in the rating, MFIs must submit tax, accounting, statistical, financial statements — that is, a random company will not be included in such lists.

Also, choosing profitable loans on the card, read reviews about different organizations. Such estimates are subjective, but they will help you to get a certain understanding of the work of a specific MFI – for example, the speed of processing applications, the quality of customer support, and possible problems with funds transfer.

Microcredit – to take or not to take

Microcredit - to take or not to take

A loan is a loan at a certain percentage. Loans are issued by individuals, banks, microfinance organizations. You can apply for a loan for any purpose, the terms of its provision depend on the specific organization.

The main advantages of MFIs are the minimum time for consideration of the application, no need to draw up a large package of documents, loyal attitude to borrowers. The disadvantage is quite a high percentage.

Taking a microloan makes sense if:

  • money is needed very urgently at night, on a day off;
  • it took to buy a gift, pay for the treatment;
  • a little did not calculate the budget, and the salary is not soon;
  • a car broke down, another technician, and you didn’t plan the corresponding expenses this month;
  • etc.

You will need to show only a passport and TIN code. You can apply online at once to several organizations, which increases the chances for approval. The percentage of loans issued is not less than 90 out of 100. A microloan can be taken by a person with a bad credit history or without it at all, a student who is not employed or working informally, a pensioner.

Low financial rating also does not always become a reason for refusal. The age range is as wide as possible – from 18 to 75, the presence of Russian citizenship and registration is required.

About rates and loan amounts in the best MFIs

The most profitable loan on the card can be taken at 0%, but not all organizations give it. You should also understand that nobody will transfer the first loan for a large amount to you – with repeated requests and successful returns, the limits are increased. In comparison with banking organizations, interest rates are always high – in them MFIs lay down possible risks of non-return.

Loyalty programs make it possible to further save money; permanent borrowers can take part in them. Examples of discount offers:

  • 10% cashback from all funds spent.
  • discounts from base rates – up to 50%.
  • instant free loans or almost free loans.

These are only basic options, there are lots of others. The best MFOs offer their clients favorable terms of cooperation and various opportunities for financial savings, since these are the determining factors when choosing an organization.

What you need to get a microloan

What you need to get a microloan


On the website of any financial institution there is a loan calculator that allows you to quickly make the necessary calculations. You need to specify the parameters of the loan, assess the load and, if everything suits you, fill in the questionnaire. Sometimes conditions in MFIs vary greatly, so it makes sense to spend time comparing offers.

Fill in all fields of the questionnaire – each empty field reduces the chances of approval of the application, incorrect information is also not recommended. In some MFIs, applications are checked manually, in others they are scored. The scoring programs “look in” in the Federal Migration Service, the FSSP, the credit bureau, social networks.

From the scoring points in the future will depend on the personal conditions of microcredit. Note that the contact phone numbers of employees of the organization can call, although this is an optional condition.

Loan repayment options:

  • on the bank card – payment instruments of absolutely all organizations are accepted;
  • cash at the checkout – this method is also convenient, but not all companies have it, cash desks do not usually work around the clock;
  • by electronic transfer – to the wallet in the payment systems.

MFIs do not charge money transfer fees, but the payment system chosen by the client may charge it. The best microloans are paid quickly – usually within an hour after filling out an application, but at the first appeal and manual verification these deadlines may be delayed.

Recommendations for the borrower

Recommendations for the borrower

To get a loan for the period you need, it is enough to choose the best offer from the list and apply. It is best to submit a request from the main page of the site of the company that is interested in you – just point the necessary amounts on the calculator, the terms, click “check out” and you will be redirected to the online application form.

The MFI will respond in a few minutes or an hour. If you need to receive money urgently after hours, make sure that the selected company provides the appropriate services. A bank card (if you choose this method of depositing money) will first need to be verified.

After receiving a positive response, carefully review the terms of the contract and sign it. In electronic form this is done using SMS messages. You can repay the debt in different ways – with a bank card, from an electronic wallet, as well as postal, bank, standard transfer through a special system, in a communications salon, shop, terminal, in cash.

Always carefully study payment schedules – in the first days of using a loan, interest may be higher than in subsequent ones, so the company insures itself against losses.

Be sure to check out the list of stocks, carefully review interest rates – with a reasonable approach, microcredit can be very profitable. The most interesting are such actions:

  • loan by zero for first customers;
  • regular promotional codes (sometimes they are given for 50% or more of the total number of percent);
  • availability of loyalty programs with regular discounts (if you plan to use the service regularly).


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