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If you want to know your indebtedness status before applying for financing for your cash needs, you can use Good Lender credit risk report service. Previously, only the member banks have access to risk reports, individuals can now have their applications.

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In this way, the person has access to a summary of the debt, performance and limit information of the credit products registered in the banking system. This provides an opportunity to find out if the person has paid his / her debts on time, whether he / she has a debt that is legally followed or how much is available.

Learning Credit Rating Through Good Lender

Learning Credit Rating Through Good Lender

You can find not only your negative performance, but also your credit card payments, use of credit products and your credit limit in accordance with your request in the risk report. You can go to the nearest bank branch through Good Lender to find out the credit rating and find the reason for the rejection of your credit or credit card applications.

When you visit any of the Good Lender branches, you may indicate that you would like to take the ACC Risk Reports during your interview with the individual customer representative.

Not only for your own banking transactions, but also when you decide to make a partnership, or when using a credit to your home, it is useful for you to request the risk report from your business partner after reviewing the details.

Similarly, when you sell a term product, you will be able to make a better decision after examining the financial record of the person you are dealing with.

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch


You can easily analyze your reasons for rejection with this service, which can be called as a personal financial consultancy. The Bank offers 3 types of ACC packages to its customers. Although it is not possible to obtain a credit rating from Good Lender mobile branch, you can buy one of the ACC packages and guide your financial life throughout the year.

Our advice to people who want to learn the credit rating by SMS is that you stay on our site. Because this service cannot be received via Good Lender’s SMS banking yet. However, if a new service channel is added, you can be sure that we will announce this service by updating our writing.

You can visit the branches or use the online service channel to benefit from other monitoring and warning services and to purchase one of the three types of reporting services offered by the bank. In addition, if you want to get detailed information about the products, you can call customer service to analyze which package you will move to a more advantageous position…

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